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How Do I Order?

Simply call our offices at (877) 371-8444 or send a e-mail to our sales department at .


Return Policy

Due to the nature of our product  some items are non returnable. If you items does not contain any custom measurements, printing or any other variation it may be returnable. A small restocking fee may apply. If you need to request a return, please contact customer service @ 1-714-389-7722 as soon as possible.



What is the difference between an Economy and Premium Pop Up?

the Economy pop up is going to offer an 8 mm frame while the Premium will offer a 13 mm frame. This provides more stability and durability to the display as well as the weight that it can hold.


What is the difference in an American made vs Import Pop up display?

Import displays, while they are cheaper the old adage applies " you get what you pay for" and that couldn't be more accurate. The import displays mainly from come from Asia, these displays use low grade aluminum low grade fabric for their panels and quality of the construction as a whole is not even in the same ball park as American made pop ups. We have seen panels that come apart from the backing before they are even put up for the first time, hubs that break and frames that breaks when dismantling. This is the main reason that we do not and will never carry import displays. not to mention that most do not come with a warranty. We stand behind our products and as such we could not supply an inferior product.


 What is a modular display?

A modular displays is a system that can be retro fitted and re configured in a variety of way with the purchase of only a few additional items. Graphics can be easily changed and updated at a fraction of the cost of buying a complete display. not to mention they last years longer then some other displays.


What should I consider when purchasing trade show flooring?

The first thing that we tell everyone to keep in mind is that you are going to standing on the flooring for hours at a time, and if you have ever exhibited at a trade show before you know the difference in being comfortable and not, after all you would want to wear old shoes that aren't comfortable, would you? The saying "A happy sales force is a productive sales force" really applies here. After all they are a main factor in how you company will be perceived.  Second the look, since there are so many comfortable options that we carry you can have something that is tailored to the specific feel of your booth. more often than not flooring can be an attractive conversation starter and really bring out the "wow" of your exhibit. Few items can add such a big bang for the buck as good quality flooring.


What Can I Use An Event Tent For?

A better question would be what can't you use an event tent for. These tents go up so effortlessly and can be customized in anyway you can think of. They can have side walls, back walls, zip up walls, printed and unprinted.


How much weight can a Pop Up shelving hold?

About a 100 pound, please contact our sales department for specs on the item you are interested in.


What is the difference in DuraPrint and Laminated Graphic Panels?

The main difference between DuraPrint and Laminated graphics are the layers that go into processing the graphics. They look virtually identical. The cost is going to be lower for the duraprint, but you will not be sacrificing quality. 


What is a PMS Color?

A PMS color is a Pantone Matching Systems color. It is a way to accurately reproduce color according to a uniform code. some printing method can allow for matching while other can not. If you need to have a PMS color matched we strongly recommend you contact one of our highly trained sales team members to ensure proper production.


What is the difference in Economy cut and Standard Table Covers?

Economy or "conference" cut is an open back design allowing for storage and easy access for chairs and legs or boxes. The standard will have all four sides the same lenght. Both options can be custom printed.


What are some factors to consider when displaying at a trade show?

First, what are you wanting your booth to say about your company. Second what is your budget. Third how much space will you be occupying. what materials are you going to be showcasing? are you going to need something that can be easily converted for multiple trade show in a cost effective manner. Shipping cost.


What is drayage?

Drayage, also known as Material Handling, is a service provided by the show contactor to exhibitors that includes the unloading of your shipment, transporting it to your booth, storing and returning empty crates and cartons, and reloading your shipment onto your designated outbound carrier at the close of the show. Material Handling may occur at the advance warehouse or show site loading dock. Exhibitors pay a fee for this service, which varies depending upon where the shipment arrives and when it is unloaded. The fees are outlined in the Exhibitor Service Manual on the Material Handling Rate Schedule. Material Handling fees are paid to the show contractor and are separate from and independent of freight transportation charges, which are paid to a freight carrier (e.g., Yellow Transportation, Roadway, FedEx).


How Do I Get More Information On A Product?

You can simply click on an image or text within the site to take you to that specific products page. You can always contact our sales department for any questions you may have.


Can I buy Fabric Panels now and Graphic Panels Later?

Yes, you can . this is a great way to save on overhead. and you can also replace any graphics that you might have had in the past. This is a great option to update your booth and a fraction of the cost.


Can I buy additional items for these pop ups?

Yes, We carry a wide selection of monitor mounts, shelves, backlight headers, bubble panels and so much more. 


How long is normal production time?

Depending on the project itself, it could be as little as same day shipping. However on larger projects that are going to have printing then we are running on 5-10 business days after approved artwork. Rush service are available.


How do I submit my graphics and make sure they are "good"?

We will send your graphic designer a template with all the specification and guidelines to follow. If you do not have a designer that's ok we have designers that can help make your design unique.